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Ok lets face i suck at actually updating this thing.....mainly for the simple fact that i dont remember that i have it.....so for those who are actually reading this post...well here it is.....now that clears up if im still alive or not....moving on to whats been happening.....over the summer i have gone to 2 concerts(yay me)bon jovi & backstreet boys.....bon jovi was absolutely rocking i mean what more can be said....they're 40 years old and still know how to rock the party....at the moment 'never say goodbye' is my fave song of the show.....now to bsb & those boys would climb walls if given the opportunity....the show was electric, never stopping(even during the slow songs) and enjoyable no matter if you the biggest fan or just going along for the ride....and the magical reason why this was possible....bsb kept it simple.....resulting in great crowd connection and the melting of every female in the acre arena that night.....justin timberlake if you ever happen to come across this post you might want to take a page out of their book....stop performing and just sing!!!!....oh and keep it simple and not over the top....your in australia not america....what else....im now in the second year of my uni course.....and its fan-freakin-tastic with all its musical goodness....so i think that covers all the major things for the last couple months....so it is now a bid you goodbye....CYA!!!

Apr. 16th, 2006

So today's easter sunday...so happy easter to everyone...hope everyone got lots of easter goods today cuz tomorrows the day the to enjoy them all!
decided the lj needed a change & seeing as though im on a One Tree Hill kick well you can see the out come of that...if you like it kool if you dont to fucking bad my journal!!!!

Im Alive!!

Hey all... just letting you all know i havent fallen off the plant...yet...anyway had a really kool night last night coz im a luckly bitch that got to see H.I.M concert last night...first off...WOW!!!! those guys now how to put on a good show...they blew me away... the energy they have for the whole show is unbelievable...second...Ville Valo...my like for you has increased times 10...slowing the song down so security could pull people from the mosh pit was a very kool move!!!...the guys seem to be down to earth guys living they're dream & having fun while doing so...like i said before the show was awesome & something i dont want to forget anytime soon...unfortunately my camera's crap so the pics didnt come out so good...the last thing that im gonna say is the guys didnt just put on a show they made fall in love with music again & made me want to be up on that stage with them!!!!

H.I.M Dark Light World Tour 2006 Sydney Australia 23 March


To everyone who still reads this fucked up, un-update journal of mine this is a message for you all seeing that it is the holidays & all:


Also I wish everyone a happy new year & hope you all party so hard the you collapse for shear fatigue

so that was my little screwed up christmas message for everyone to enjoy with that said I'm off to bed (ha like hell i will!!)

A merry freaking christmas to all & to all a good night!


To whom this may concern(or any one who reads my ramblings) im pleased to tell you that i am in fact still alive(as you can tell!)...so with any further or do time for me to fill in that nasty big gaping hole that seems i have created...so here goes...lets start with where i left off my HSC...its all over red rover!!!! yahoo!!!!!!...im tellin ya its a good feeling....went to the coke live 'n' local concert in october....had a blast...miss mary somehow go herself backstage while we poor suckers(my friends Alex & Cat)had to deal with many (sometimes) brainless people...all in all great show...next:Foxtels 10th birthday bash which we were invited to by miss glory (thanks babe)...we got to say hey mig from rockstar: INXS...a cool moment with a cool guy!...best way to sum up the experience...keep rockin dude!....our yr 12 farewell day...spent about 15 to 20 minutes with about 3 different people cry on my shoulder cause i was leaving the rotten ho-i mean school..mind you i was the one suppost to be crying but hey who really cares who's crying....next on the list in my formal which was on friday kool night interesting to how some people rocked up & how they were dressed...it was a good night got to catch up other friends that i had yet to catch up with yet...& finally(hope your still reading this)my nice chloe turned 3 yeh!!!!!!! hope that got you all up to speed...now im going to go & play some poker!bye bye bye

Its OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its over its over.....HSC performance is finally over!!!!!!!!!...all that stress all the headache its all over now....performance went well....I fuck up a little bit...nothing major.....its been 2 hours since it started...hour & half since it finished....I do feel sorry for the poor suckers that still have to perform.....but I'm finished *does a sing & dance* man so glad thats over.... well thats all I'll be saying for at least a few hours to go so I won't put you all through that torment...Bye bye bye!!!!


Its unbelievable to me the fact that no matter how long you know a person, the way they act in your presents is still surprising....when asked if & what time I'll be goin to something, you would think that they wouldn't just walk straight past you no matter who they're with....you wouldn't think they would walk past you when they asked you if they should go to the said event....the fact that a friend of mine would think that I wouldn't mind if they ignored me because of who is standing beside me is surely mistaken & needs to do some serious thinking & evaluations on how they treat their friends & at very least...who they want to be friends with....if after they finish their soul searching & still want to continue this friendship...then I suggest some self changes in said person's behavior & alot of groveling will be needed to reinstate them in my friends list let alone my good graces....I hope the person this post is directed to reads it...absorbs & takes to heart ever word written....I dont wish for this friendship to end seeing as I believe its been a hell of alot of fun over the years....but if push comes to shove I have no problem at all in tell you to fuck off!....if you dont like what I have to say then thats too fucking bad, your just going to have to suck it up & live with it....thats all I have say on the subject

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you....happy birthday dear Joshua (JC)...happy birthday to you yeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!many birthday wish to you!....ok now that was my little August 8 celebrations....on to other things....mary mary thanks for the reply...i didn't know i need your approval when it came to my LJ:)....I mean that in the most pleasent way possible *note sarcasm*.....picked dad up from the airport on friday....hasn't been here for a week & he already froze my computer....& did i mention it doesn't work to his liking either *again note heavy use of sarcasm*....almost didn't realise the date of today....hey when your on exams you track of all sence of the term date....anyway thats all for today....I've got nothing else to say....Happy 29th birthday JC!


as you all can tell mesa happy today....why?....I'M GOING TO COKE LIVE 05 CONCERT IN OCTOBER...YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...so yeh mesa happy....mary mary shall be traveling along & watch the show with me...yeh!...dumb friend megan decided that she would say yes yesterday then turn around today & say no cause she wouldn't know anybody there....*gee thanks meg for being a great friend*...hi *waves hand in front of her face* do you not know who I am do i scared you....will she better be scared now if she wan't before....spoilt brat....so any way don't know who else is coming but I'm sure you know when I know so thats it goodbye & goodnight to you all I'm done!



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